Unauthorized Shaver Lake Vacation
August 11th through August 19th, 2001


Proposed Itinerary

AAA Map of the Shaver Lake Area

AAA Map of the Shaver Lake Area marked with itinerary

General Notes:
  • Trail Ratings are:
    1. Class A - Very Easy
    2. Class B - Should be fun, all vehicle friendly
    3. Class C - Rough Run, good tires, a locker, etc. will be needed.
  • Day trips will leave at 9:00am like normal.
  • Days with no trip planned are also sleep-in days. Make your own plans for the morning and well get together around lunch time.
  • Lunch is probably in town on days were goofing off, otherwise ALWAYS pack a lunch for the day trips. Always bring extra food and drinks. Day trips are deceiving and Im always running out of food.
  • Dinner will be in town about half the time in order for EVERYONE to get in on the vacationing
  • Dinner choices in town include Pizza, Hamburgers, a family restaurant, a steak house. We will probably do one of each during the week.
  • Dinner will be Chilli one night (Woo-HOO!). Don't camp too close to Gary that night.
  • We will be gassing up in town every day after the run. Better too much gas than not enough.
  • Anyone of the day trips MAY run long. Always carry extra food and water. Be prepared for a cold ride home in case we return after dark. You should always have a sweater or jacket with you. Long pants might be needed if we do any highway driving after dark.
  • Maps:
    1. AAA Fresno & Kings County
    2. Forest Service "Sierra National Forest" is available at the store in town