Strange Video Experiments

I say "Experiments" because I still have a long ways to go.
There's a lot to get straightened out, from a fussy video camera
to a dizzying choice of file formats and compression levels.

But for what it's worth, enjoy.
But if you're looking for DVD quality, don't bother.

If everything is good-to-go on your computer,
you should just be able to click on the picture
and the video will play.

But, I would suggest saving the file to your hard drive.
In Windows, try right-clicking and select "Save Target As..."

Please note the file sizes!
The largest clip is not really a "Dial-Up" kinda file.

Pismo - Labor Day Weekend 1995
These 3 clips are sort of a tribute to a
good buddy, Dave Cutri, who passed away recently.
These clips are all typical Cutri - It was always something!

There's some footage of Dave, with Patti in the background.
Some of Rooster and believe it or not, Fidget and her Jeep in the Dunes.
The "Little Girls" are Diane's daughter Debbie and Diane's niece, Trisha.

As I remember the story, Cutri had broken his front end about 5 minutes
after arriving at Pismo. Rooster had a set of paddles with him, so we
threw them on Cutri's bone stock, 6 cylinder CJ7 and went duning.
He sure got stuck a lot and was usually dug in pretty deep. But I
guarantee we all were having a bunch of fun, and none of us
more than Cutri!

Short Clip of Cutri
A short clip of Dave at Pismo
17 seconds, File size: 228KB

Longer Clip of Cutri
A longer clip of Dave getting unstuck
2 minutes, 5 seconds, File size: 1.5MB

Even Longer Clip of Cutri
Basically, the same clip, just longer
And not as compressed
3 minutes, 32 seconds, File size: 5.8MB

Calico - September 1999
Okay, I wanted to try an MPEG formatted file.

Diane Trying to Roll It
Here's Diane with MY Jeep In Duran Canyon
24 seconds, File size: 2.1MB