Potential Run Database
Compiled by experts at the Roughwheelers Research Labs

South Anza Borrego:   · Grave Wash
 · Palm Wash
 · Mud Hills (plane wreck site, Airplane Wash)
· Ocotillo Wells (squeeze & slide & one sand dune)
Snow Run:   · Tehachapi
 · Big Bear

Deserts/Spring and Fall
Panamint Valley
Los Coyotes
Johnson Valley:   Hammers (click here for more info)
Last Chance Canyon
Keysville - Black Gulch Jeep Trail/Kern river (swimming)
  Do NOT plan for the 3rd weekend in September, Opening Day of Deer Hunting Season!
Mojave Road Cruise - Lava Tubes?
Afton Canyon
Earth Day (April) Clean up/Conservation Run

Mountains/Summer Runs
Sherman Jeep Trail/Monache Meadows
Big Bear East
Big Bear West
Millers Jeep Trail

Sand Dunes
Dumont Dunes
Razor Road

Shaver Lake: · Dusy
 · All the Other Trails
 · Click here for more Shaver Lake info
Arizona:   · Cinder Cones
 · Phoenix Area Rough Runs
New Mexico
El Golfo (Mexico, Beaches, Sand Dunes)

New/Exploratory Trip Suggestions*
Superstition MountainsDesert Side Tracs
Onyx Summit Jenks Lake s. of Big BearDirt Devils
Little Rubicon?? Cabazon/IndioDirt Devils
Inscription Canyon??Fun in the Sun
Rattle Snake CanyonHemet Jeep Club
Snow Run - Camping in the Snow for the "Bad Asses"

* These ideas were stolen from various club's websites

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